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Peter Jones Related Articles & Journals

Jones' Clinical Paediatric Surgery: Diagnosis and Management

6th Edition, 2008 via Wiley Library Archives

Peter Jones Memorial Oration by Dr Rosslyn Walker - ASC 2010 Perth

A Pelican In Her Piety

On May 5, 1966 The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) blazon was officially granted. Designed by RCH Paediatrician Peter G Jones, the blazon depicted the Rods of Aesculapius, the Lion Rampant, the Southern Cross, two children, and the Australian pelican, Pelecanus Conspicillatus. ‘A pelican in her piety’ is often used in heraldry as a symbol of devotion and sacrifice. Read the full article on the RCH website.

The Latin inscribed underneath Fide, Scientia, Et Amore stands for "the faith for science and love".

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